Please be vigilant to emails being sent which purport to be from Evans and Jones Solicitors but which are in fact from online fraudsters who are duplicating our details in order to pass themselves off as the firm. The emails claim that matters are progressing on your file and as a result request for a payment of funds to be made to a specified account. Bank details are provided within the email to allow for payment to be made. Please note that these emails are not from us and should be ignored. We will never make any requests for payments to be made online by email in this manner, and we will not give bank details online in either an email or attachment in this way. Please be aware that we also have no intention of changing our bank details and therefore any emails informing you of a change to our bank details should be ignored. Should you receive any email communication which appears to be from us and asks for a payment of funds to be made, please contact us immediately and do not make any payments whatsoever. Please only rely on bank details which have been provided to you in person or with a letter from us in the post. We would also advise that you contact us by telephone and speak to the fee earner dealing with your matter before making any payment to verify the bank details being used to make that payment.