Wills & Probate

Making a Will – No one likes the thought of leaving their loved ones, but it is important to consider the future and to make sure you have adequately provided for your family’s needs. The most reliable way in which to ensure this is done is by preparing a will setting out your personal wishes in respect of the distribution of your assets. If you already have a will it is also important to regularly review its contents to take account of any changes in your circumstances that could invalidate the will, such as marriage.

We understand that this is a sensitive issue and often difficult to consider and discuss, but we are able to offer a personal, discreet service to make the experience as straightforward and simple as possible, whether you are making a will for the first time or reviewing an existing will.

Obtaining Probate and Administration of an Estate – The loss of a loved one is a difficult thing to face but something that everyone will at one time or another have to go through. We can assist with the legal requirements that follow to ensure that you are able to deal with your loved one’s assets and carry out their wishes in line with their will.

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